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Government of Guam

Training Courses

Listed below are some of the training courses.  All courses utilize computer based training. 
Start, stop, and continue … this system is designed to adapt to a diverse user environment.

Specialized Timesheets

Learn how to manage specialized timesheets, such as GDP, GFD, GBHWC, etc.


Standard Timesheets

Create, submit, and manage timesheets


Employee Portal

Understand how to access and utilize the dedicated system for streamlined employee resources and engagement.


GG-1 Processing

Learn the steps and procedures involved in initiating, processing, and tracking a GG-1.


Document Management

Learn how documents are managed in the system.


Performance Evaluation

Learn how to initiate and manage employee performance evaluations.


Audit Log Management

Learn how you can track your transactions.


Navigating the System

Learn to log in and easily navigate the system in a quick, user-friendly course.

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